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Listings (102)

He 3D - XI3 High Precision NEW prusa I3
2015 He3D- XI3 High Precision NEW Prusa I3 3D Printer kit diy reprap full acrylic frame support multi material...
$ 220 Sale
Z810 – Zcorp – Full color and huge volume
3D printer for sale. Huge volume and full-color with high resolution. This is an industrial 3D printer from Zc...
$ 15 K Sale
MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer
Dual Extrusion: Be ready for the cutting-edge.Add a new level of creativity to your 3D designs with two interl...
Price on asking
Objet 30 with Rolling Stand and Custom Wash Station
Objet 30, High resolution 3D Printer. Great condition. This printer uses UV cured resin. Includes: Objet 30 (M...
$ 6.5 K Sale
Objet30 Prime (includes Rolling Stand and Custom Wash Station)
Objet30 Prime Includes Rolling Stand and Custom Wash Station Total of 20 hours of printing – line new Printer...
$ 33 K Sale
Object 260 Connex 3
Complete system including PC workstation and extra print media, Object 260 plus stand and separate print media...
$ 125 K Sale
Objet 24 Includes Waterjet Wash Station
In perfect shape. No issues. Well taken care of. Tubes cleaned and ready for pickup. Great machine, fast, inex...
$ 15 K Sale
Formlabs 1+ 3D Printer
For sale is a gently used Formlabs 3D printer. Included in the sale is the part preparation kit, a bottle of w...
$ 1.8 K Sale
RoVa3D Performance printing package – 5 nozzle FFF printer with all the accessories
When you add it all up, 3D printing isn’t exactly cheap. To really be successful, you need a few extra accesso...
$ 2.295 K Sale


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