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Listings (104)

Used Stratasys Mojo 3D printer
Stratasys Mojo 3D printer. Excellent machine. Only used for Demo purposes during trade shows. Not very many ho...
$ 1.5 K Sale
Used project 4500 and used Project for sale
We have one projet 4500 for sale, and one projet 660 for sale.. Both have been used, but are in very good cond...
Price on asking
ProJet 660

the printer work very good and is in very good condition

$ 20 K Sale
ZPrinter 510

The printer is in perfect condition.

$ 6 K Sale
Fortus 250 mc

very god condition.

$ 21 K Sale
Objet 30 Prime

The printer is in very good condition.

$ 19 K Sale
used OBJET EDEN 500V
OBJET EDEN 500V Maintenance completed in March 2015. Comes with Manual, Software CDs. Contact Nino +81 90 9145...
$ 35 K Sale
used  ProJet 4500 unit
We are selling our demo ProJet 4500 unit. It was installed for our demo-room at the end of 2014, was presented...
$ 25 K Sale
ProJet 660 Pro

The printer operates perfectly and is only slightly used.

$ 19 K Sale


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