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Used Stratasys / Objet Eden 260V Polyjet 3D Printer Rapid Prototyping Great Condition  Print version

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France, Region Alsace, Achenheim

$ 30 K Sale
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$ 30 K Sale

Vicarious Visions, a video game and toy creator, is looking to sell their 3D printer used in creating prototypes for Skylanders toys!

This Eden 260V has a resolution of 16 microns, and supports a wide range of materials including transparent, opaque, rubber-like, rigid, and high temperature resistant. It has been maintained according to manufacturer specifications, and regularly serviced by Stratasys. It is in excellent condition.

It has a single head, for single-material printing (plus support material), but you can also upgrade it to print multiple materials or colors.

Washing station included.

Full specs can be found here:

Please call Steve at 518-596-6449 with any questions.

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12204 zip

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