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Used Z-450 100% working and ready to ship   Print version

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United States, Region Alsace, Achenheim

$ 9.9 K Sale
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$ 9.9 K Sale

I have a 100% operational Z-450 color sandstone printer. The Terminator print was completed on 8/26/2017. The “Marvin” prints were done around June 2017 to show the quality of its’ prints. The last picture shows what is included, minus the 3D systems oven.
The Terminator print was finished with 3D systems epoxy.
The balance of epoxy, powder and binder are included. The extra material will allow for setup and prep for putting it into production.
I have a Win XP PC connected to the printer and will negotiate it’s inclusion. What is shown in the picture is a monitor connected to the printer directly, the PC is not shown in the picture, but available.
For shipping, I ask that the buyer sets this up, the cost can be negotiated.
I have more photos available.

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