High Speed 3D Printing lands in Italy

High Speed 3D Printing lands in Italy

To meet the growing local demand for productive 3D printing solutions, x3D Group, the French exclusive-importer of 3D Printing Solutions for Europe, is growing its distribution network by signing an agreement Sokar Additive Technologies.


This new agreement will allow x3D Group to further market its High Speed 3D Printing systems, the Rapid Series, and its range of consumables.


For recall, the Rapid Series is designed and manufacture by the Shanghaï-based Prismlab engineering company. The Rapid Series prints up-to 20 times faster than its competition, offers a large build volume of up-to 576 x 576 x 324 mm, is very affordable (system and consumables) and this is the first industrial 3D printer that is open-source on materials.


Most importantly, the Rapid Series delivers part with an excellent surface finish. Highly smooth. Parts do not require any grinding nor any polishing, they are ready to ship after printing. « We are very pleased by the results, our clients order 3D printing services on x3d-print.com and they are impressed by the surface quality and the low costs », says Kamal BOUNOUARA, president.


Located in Genova, Sokar’s team is highly committed in the Additive Manufacturing sector and have already initiated lots of interests from Italian companies for the Rapid Series. The company’s background includes collaboration with major players in various sectors. « Their expertise is making them a trusted and respected player in the arena » as x3D Group notes.


« We’re very excited by this new venture to partner with x3D Group and its team. We’re impressed with the competitive-edge technological route that x3D Group took to increase the productivity of their clients, » says Giovanni VERGANO, Technical Director at Sokar.


By acquiring and offering several different technologies, x3D Group is working to create its own niche as an emerging 3D printing supplier. With more than 15 years’ experience in Manufacturing Technologies acquired in Europe and US, his president is eager to bring Disruptive solutions in the Additive Manufacturing sector.


About x3D Group


Located in Lyon, France, x3D Group is specialized in Disruptive Technologies and Services in the Additive Manufacturing industry, with three main activities:

x3D EBAM: Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (www.x3d-ebam.com)
x3D Pro: Distribution of 3D printing solutions (www.x3d-pro.com)
x3D Print : on line 3D printing services (www.x3d-print.com)



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